To you, whom I love oh so dearly.


Love, I’m in pain.

The pain is indescribable. I’m currently feeling pain and heaviness without any reason at all. I don’t know how the meds will kick in to me, but right now is just painful and heavy. My heart is beating fast and I’m trying to think what is the reason behind it. But my mind is blank. I can’t think of any reason why I am like this. People usually say, “Get up! It’s a brand new day!”. However, as much as I want to think that it is a brand new day, that I just need to get over it and this will pass soon, It doesn’t work like that in my case. You know all of this. I’m almost with you every single day, and I’m sorry for causing you pain as well. Every time that I’m with you, I always want to say something. I want to assure you that I love you so much. The love that you always tell me everyday is the love that I also feel for you. I’m sorry I can’t express it that much. I thank God because I always have the chance to see you almost everyday, and your presence give me strength to keep me going on a daily basis. Thank you for your understanding, for not leaving and giving up despite the trouble that I’m causing you. One step at a time love, we will get through this. I’m sure we will. If the time that I’ve been healed has come, I’m hopeful that you’re still there to witness it. I love you so much.


(Dear followers. I haven’t been writing that much because I’ve been dealing with my depression these couple of weeks. This post is something personal.)


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