Just a ‘lil somethin’ ’bout me.


First of all, I’m a sappy person…

I’m a sucker for anything that’s related to love. I watch wedding and proposal videos from time to time, and it never fails to make me sob like an idiot and giggle with delight. Majority of my song playlist is about love. My favourite type of movies are love stories. My favourite type of poems, short stories, fanfiction, or novels are love (Hi Lang Laev). Love is just…a part of me. Many people with think that love is something corny or baduy, however I just disregard whatever they say, because I’m a huge believer of love and no one can remove that for me. Let’s face it, love is such a beautiful word and it feels so heavenly when you’re…in love. Love is freaking great. Today, I watched Toni and Paul Soriano’s wedding video for the nth time, and I watched more, so I sobbed more. Every vows they say to each other gives shivers to my spine, and that feeling went straight to my tear ducts. Everything is just so beautiful. This may be weird to say, but I can’t wait for mine to happen. Being a firm believer of romantic love, I guess it’s just normal that proposals and weddings are my ultimate dreams in life. It may be a one time thing, but I’m also thinking life after weddings. Imagining that you’ll be forever loving the man you want to be with for the rest of your life is equally as beautiful as weddings. You can do everything together and just live happily as much as possible, including the not-so-happy events. I don’t think a marriage can be defined as sad or problematic if you argue about something everyday. It is stressful, but I won’t consider that as sad or problematic as long as you still chose to love each other whatever happens.

Okay, so everything I’ve written is just a word vomit. I don’t exactly know why I decided to write this, but I just felt like I have to let out of something…great. Not all word vomits are rants. It can be that you’re just feeling something overwhelming and you decided to open your blog and write this out. It felt great releasing endorphins this way.


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